Occupational pension

Occupational pension

About occupational pensions

How much your employer pays into your pension

Many employers pay into an occupation for their employees. This is also referred to as a contractual pension. As an employee, it is important to ensure that you receive an occupational pension as it complements the national public pension that you receive from the state.

The national public pension may in some cases account for almost half of your total pension.

You are responsible for managing your personal savings

You will need to choose yourself where to deposit your occupational pension and thus affect how your savings develop.

  • You can switch funds with your chosen insurance company.
  • It is free of charge to switch and does not affect your taxes.
  • Review your savings at least once per year and switch funds where necessary.

This applies if your employer has a collective agreement

If your employer has a collective agreement, your occupational pension is handled by a selection centre. The selection centre allows you to choose an insurance company which administers your occupational pension.

A collective agreement is a written agreement between union and employer or employer association which regulates benefits such as occupational pension. The agreement is primarily intended to ensure good conditions for the employee.

Read more about collective agreements (in Swedish)

This applies if your employer does not have a collective agreement

Employers without collective agreements do not need to sign occupational pensions for their employees, but many choose to do so.

If you work in a small company, there is a big risk that you do not have the coverage normally included in a workplace which has a collective agreement. This can have major consequences for your future pension. Speak with your employer to find out about the possibility of receiving an occupational pension.

Our occupational pension is more than a savings fund. By adding insurance cover, you will have greater security for you and your family if you fall ill, are injured or pass away.

Our occupational pension includes both insurance and savings

Adapted to you and your circumstances

Our occupational pension plan gives you a pension plan suited to you and your living conditions. You are able to manage your own savings and thereby influence your future pension. A service pension plan also includes security in daily life with necessary personal insurance.

If the company you work at is one of our customers, all of its employees will receive an occupational pension plan. You can put together a personal insurance and pension savings package which suits your needs.

An occupational pension with survivor protection

An occupational pension may include survivor protection. Survivor protection protects your survivors should you pass away unexpectedly. Check whether or not survivor protection is included. If you do not need survivor protection, it is unnecessary to pay for it.

  • If you are affiliated with a selection centre, contact them if you want to make changes to or remove survivor protection. Contact HR if you are unsure.
  • If your occupational pension is paid for by your employer, contact the insurance company that your employer has contact with.
  • If you have survivor protection, ensure that the right person is listed as the beneficiary. If you are unsure, you can submit a new form in which you name the person you would like to receive the money should you pass away.

Choose your own insurance policies

  • Accident insurance: Covers you 24/7and provides compensation in the event of an accident.
  • Health insurance: Supplements compensation from Försäkringskassan and provides compensation of up to 90 percent of your salary in the event of long-term illness.
  • Healthcare insurance: Provides access to private medical specialists so that you can avoid unnecessary queues.
  • Family health insurance: Provide your family with financial security should you pass away unexpectedly.

Exchanging salary for more pension

Exchange your salary for more occupational pension. Salary exchange entails that you give up part of your gross salary and have it paid into your pension instead.

  • You accept a lower gross salary in exchange for a higher occupational pension.
  • This is a beneficial arrangement for anyone with a monthly salary of around SEK 40,000 or more after the salary exchange.
  • You are first taxed when your receive your pension payment.

Speak with your employer about your occupational pension.