Introduction to pensions

The pension that you will live on when you are older is based largely on your work. You should therefore review your pension as early as possible so that you can ensure you have a good life as a pensioner. Start by thinking about what sort of life you want to live as a pensioner, then calculate how much you need to save based on this.

Introduction to pensions

Your future pension is saved in different ways: the general pension which comes from the state, and most people also receive an occupational pension from their employer. In addition to this, you may also need to have your own savings for your pension.

The various parts of a pension

Personal pension savings

What you save yourself

It is good to save for your pension yourself. The earlier you begin, the better. A small sum which you save can make a big difference later.

Occupational pension

How much your employer pays into your pension

As an employee, it is important to ensure that you receive an occupational pension. If you are self-employed, you may need to deposit money in your occupational pension.

About occupational pension

National Public pension

What the state saves for you

The national public pension comes from the state. In consists of occupational pension and premium pension which are both based on your income.

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