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Household insurance is the foundation of financial security for many families. Regardless of your living arrangements, it is important that you protect yourself and your home from unforeseen events and accidents.

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Our home insurance policies

Household insurance

Household insurance is the foundation of all our home insurance policies and gives valuable, financial basic cover for the home and its occupants. The type of insurance you choose depends on the type of home you have.

Insurance for your home includes excellent cover for most events, but sometimes you may need to complement the cover with additional policies. Supplementary insurance is for people who want to maximise their cover, for example, if you own a lot of jewellery.

Travel insurance is included in your household insurance

If you have household insurance with us, basic travel insurance is included which covers you and your family for the first 45 days of your trip anywhere in the world. If you require a more extensive travel insurance, then you may take out supplementary insurance.

Householder's comprehensive insurance

Travel insurance for long stays abroad

If you plan a trip abroad for more than 45 days, for example to work or study, you need extended travel insurance. You must take out the insurance before you leave in order for it to be valid.

Temporarily Living Abroad Travel Insurance

Our different types of home insurance

Homeowner insurance

With homeowner insurance you get a combination of homeowner insurance and household insurance. It is the same as standard household insurance but is also valid for damage to the house and the site it is located on.

Homeowner insurance (in Swedish)

Tenant-owned apartment insurance

Household insurance if you have a tenant-owned apartment. Tenant-owned apartment insurance gives you broad financial cover that includes both your home and your possessions.

Tenant-owned apartment insurance  (in Swedish)

Insurance for rental apartments

Household insurance if you rent your apartment. You still need household insurance even if your apartment is rented on a temporary basis or if your possessions are not of high value. 

Insurance for rental apartment (in Swedish)

Vacation home insurance

Vacation home insurance provides your summer house and other types of vacation homes with broad cover against damage, accidents and theft.

Vacation home insurance (in Swedish)

Farm insurance

Our farm insurance is suitable if you conduct agricultural or equestrian operations on a small scale or if you manage a forestry business in your own forest, even without owning farm buildings. Farm insurance does not cover your private residence or personal property. You will need to supplement your farm insurance with homeowner, vacation home or household insurance.

Farm insurance (in Swedish)

Student insurance

Our student insurance is for students studying at university and who have moved out of the family home. Your parents’ household insurance is not valid, you must have your own insurance for your home and your possessions. You can take out student insurance if you live in a rented apartment or a tenant-owned apartment.

Student insurance (in Swedish)

Young-people’s insurance

When you move away from home it is important that you have household insurance. This will provide you with basic cover for your home and possessions. Our young-people’s insurance is for people under the age of 28 and who have moved out of the family home for the first time.


Young-people’s insurance (in Swedish)