ISK – Investeringssparkonto

It is always wise to have savings. If you save regularly, you will also have a reserve should anything unexpected happen or if you want to renovate your property in the future.

Investeringssparkonto - ISK (Investment savings account) is an advantageous savings option whereby you can save in stocks, shares and other types of securities. ISKs are good because:

  • Opening an account is free
  • You can withdraw money whenever you like, free of charge
  • You can save monthly or make one-off deposits
  • You can buy, sell and exchange as often as you want and avoid having to declare every transaction
  • You do not need to pay tax on individual earnings
  • Instead you pay tax on a standardised amount which is calculated each year. We take care of your tax calculations for you and report to the Tax Agency.
  • This type of savings account is suitable for all ages
  • This type of account is good for pension savings