Welcome to a customer-owned bank

For most banks, the owner’s best interests and the customer’s are two different things. But for us these interests are exactly the same. Welcome to a customer-owned bank.

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We can help you find a solution that suits you and your needs. It is easier than you think to change bank.

Simplify your everyday finances

Our banking offering

Our bank offers everything you need for a convenient and secure daily life. We can help you with the following:

  • Accounts for your everyday finances and savings.
  • Bank cards, credit cards and young person’s bank cards. All cards are accepted around the world.
  • Secure and easy loans, for instance, mortgages for those of you who want to renovate your current home or are considering buying a single-family home or tenant-owned apartment.
  • Pension savings

You can link the payment services that best suit you to your Personal account. Pay your bills easily, securely and free of charge via the Internet or our mobile app. You will also have a good overview of your finances and your insurance. Additionally, you can join the Swish payment service where you can send and receive money to/from private individuals using a mobile number.

Become a bank customer

It is easy to change bank and we will manage all the practical details, such as contacting your current bank. Contact us to book an appointment and we will help you change bank.

On the Swedish Bankers’ Association website you can read more about becoming a customer of a Swedish bank

Swedish Bankers’ Association

Bekväma vardagen

Our banking package “Bekväma vardagen” (convenient daily life) contains everything you need to manage your finances simply and conveniently. You deposit your salary to your personal account, make purchases with your bank card, pay your bills and carry out transfers directly in your mobile phone or via Internet banking. You can easily link a monthly saving scheme to your savings account to build up a financial buffer for example.

 The following is included in “Convenient daily life”:

  • Personal account for your salary
  • Bank cards for your purchases
  • Internet banking
  • Mobile app
  • Telephone banking
  • Payments within Sweden
  • Swish
  • BankID for your computer and mobile
  • Savings account


You will have full control over your finances – put simply, a convenient daily life.

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