Protect yourself and your family

Insure yourself and your family

Financial security if something should ever happen is important. We can offer insurance that provides cover if you, or anyone in your family, suffers an illness or is involved in an accident.

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Our personal insurance policies

Life assurance

With our life assurance your family will have financial security should you die prematurely. For instance, money can help you to pay for your mortgage so you can keep living in your home.

Life assurance (in Swedish) 

Accident & illness adult

Many people have accident insurance through their employer or union, but it is seldom enough. Usually accident insurance is only valid during working hours and on the way to and from work. You may want to complement this with our accident insurance.  This is valid around the clock and covers both accident and illness.

Accident & illness adult (in Swedish) 

Children’s insurance

Many people assume that household insurance or school insurance will protect children if they suffer an illness or are involved in an accident. This is not the case however; all children need their own insurance. With our children’s insurance you are in good hands already from birth. Our insurance applies when your child suffers an illness or is involved in an accident.

Children’s insurance (in Swedish)

Pregnancy insurance

Our pregnancy insurance is free of charge and provides cover for both women who are pregnant and their child. After the birth, the pregnancy insurance is valid for the first six months of your child’s life. You can apply for pregnancy insurance any time during your pregnancy.

Pregnancy insurance (in Swedish)

Health care insurance

With our health care insurance, you will have quick access to medical care and rehabilitation. We offer personal advisory services through personal counselling or answers on the Internet. We can also help you with preventing possible illnesses.

Health care insurance (in Swedish)

Home loan protection

Our loan protection insurance “Bo kvar” gives you and your family financial security in the event of death, illness and unemployment. It provides breathing space in difficult situations, when the last thing you want to do is worry about finances. You must have a mortgage in order to take out this insurance.

Home loan protection (in Swedish)