Making claims

Making claims

Making a claim on the Internet

The easiest way to report a claim is to do it directly on the Internet here (in Swedish). You can do this whenever it suits you.

Make your claim (in Swedish)

You can also use our English forms to report claims:

Insurance Claim – Motor Vehicle

Insurance Claim – Road traffic accident

Insurance Claim – Building-damage claims and property damage

Making a claim on the telephone

You can also make claims via telephone.

Contact details

This is how it works

This is how your claim is processed:

  1. Make your claim.

  2. We process your insurance claim.

    When we have all the information we need, we check that you have insurance and that it covers you, the damaged property and the claim incident. Naturally, we want you to receive a quick response from us when you report your claim. The time it takes to process your claim depends on the type of claim and if we need any additional information.

  3. You receive a reply.

    We make a decision and give you an answer on the amount of compensation you will receive according to the insurance terms and conditions. When you have received our answer we end the case. You are welcome to contact us if you have any questions during the time and after you have received our response.