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Different types of home insurance

If you live in a tenant-owned apartment

Home and tenant-owned apartment insurance for your personal property and for the part of the property for which you are responsible in accordance with the Tenant Ownership Act and your cooperative housing association's rules.

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Tenant-owned apartment (in Swedish) 

Farm insurance

Our farm insurance is suitable if you conduct agricultural or equestrian operations on a small scale or if you manage a forestry business in your own forest, even without owning farm buildings. Farm insurance does not cover your private residence or personal property. You will need to supplement your farm insurance with homeowner, vacation home or household insurance.

Farm insurance (in Swedish)

Young-people’s insurance

When you move away from home it is important that you have household insurance. This will provide you with basic cover for your home and possessions. Our young-people’s insurance is for people under the age of 28 and who have moved out of the family home for the first time.


Young-people’s insurance (in Swedish)

If you live in a rental apartmentapartment

Insurance for persons renting an apartment. Remember that you need home insurance even if your home is temporary or if you do not believe that your property is of very high value.

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Rental apartment (in Swedish) 

If you have a vacation home

Vacation home insurance covers your vacation home, your land and your personal property in the vacation home. Liability cover and legal cover for the owner of the vacation home are included.

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Vacation home (in Swedish) 

Student insurance

Our student insurance is for students studying at university and who have moved out of the family home. Your parents’ household insurance is not valid, you must have your own insurance for your home and your possessions. You can take out student insurance if you live in a rented apartment or a tenant-owned apartment.

Student insurance (in Swedish)