Register your account number – step by step

Since we are customer owned, you can get a bonus when we make a profit. To get your bonus on your bank account, register your account number on Mina sidor. Here's how to do it – step by step. Log in to Mina sidor

  1. Log in to Mina sidor

    Go to "Logga in" on top of the page, Sign in with BankID or "säkerhetsdosa".

  2. Go to ”Inställningar”

    Go to the personal menu next to the button "Logga ut". Select "Inställningar".

  3. Go to ”Utbetalning”

    Go to ”Utbetalning” and enter your account number. 

  4. Update your contact details

    To make sure we have the right phone number and email address, update your contact details under "Kontaktinformation".