Information for you holding a foreign address

If you hold a foreign address and is eligible for Länsförsäkring Kronoberg´s bonus 2019 ("Återbäring"), your bonus will automatically reduce your next insurance fees. No action is needed on your behalf.

What is Länsförsäkring Kronoberg's bonus ("Återbäring")?

Länsförsäkring Kronoberg is a mutual company, owned by its customers - around 90 000 people from Kronoberg county. When our business progresses well and we have a strong return on our investments, our owners and customers receive a part of this as a bonus (called "Återbäring").

If you have had a valid property insurance during 2018, you are eligible for a bonus 2019. Property insurances include home insurances, vehicle insurances and boat insurances. Insurances not included are life insurances, pet insurances through Agria and bank-specific insurances.