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About home insurance

What is a home insurance policy?

Home insurance is something which everyone needs. Almost everyone in Sweden has home insurance. This type of insurance entitles you to compensation for your privately owned property in the event of theft or damage. It also covers you in many other important situations in your life - for example, if a damage claim is made against you or you find yourself in a legal dispute.

Who can take out a home insurance policy?

If you are resident in Sweden, you can take out home insurance. The person taking out the insurance; i.e., the policyholder, does not need a personal identity number. A personal identity number is required, however, for additional insured persons.

The whole family can be covered by one policy

For all family members to be covered by the same home insurance policy, they must be registered to the same address. In order to be registered, you must first have a personal identity number. Children under the age of 18 can be covered by their parents' home insurance when they live together.

If you do not have a personal identity number, you cannot be covered under another party's policy. This means that family members over 18 years of age must have their own home insurance policy.

Included in the home insurance

Property insurance – can provide compensation for theft and other damage to property that you own, rent or borrow for personal use.

Liability insurance – can provide compensation if you cause injury or damage to another person or their property and are liable to pay damages.

Personal insurance in the event of assault – can provide financial compensation if you receive personal injuries after being the victim of an assault.

Legal insurance – can cover costs associated with hiring a legal counsel (lawyer) should you find yourself in a dispute.

Important information about home insurance

You can find terms and conditions, advance purchase information and other information on each home insurance page.

About our home insurance (in Swedish)

Travel insurance

Your home insurance policy includes insurance for the first 45 days of travel. It entitles you to compensation in the event you fall seriously ill or injure yourself in an accident during your trip and need to see a doctor.

The travel insurance covers you and any accompanying children under 18 years of age. It covers you for trips anywhere in the world. If you are not registered as resident in Sweden, the insurance is only valid in Sweden.

Different types of home insurance

If you live in a tenant-owned apartment

Home and tenant-owned apartment insurance for your personal property and for the part of the property for which you are responsible in accordance with the Tenant Ownership Act and your cooperative housing association's rules.

Advance purchase information

Tenant-owned apartment (in Swedish) 

If you have a vacation home

Vacation home insurance covers your vacation home, your land and your personal property in the vacation home. Liability cover and legal cover for the owner of the vacation home are included.

Advance purchase information

Vacation home (in Swedish) 

If something happens

General advice in the event of damages

In the event of damages, you must submit a claim to us as soon as possible.

  • In the event of damage or risk thereof, you must attempt to prevent or limit them.
  • Document the damages. You can for example take pictures of the damaged property.
  • Retain the damaged object(s). This is so that we are able to perform an inspection. You have an obligation to cooperate in the inspection of both damaged and undamaged property.
  • Theft, robbery, assault and vandalism must be reported to the police. You will need to send the police report receipt to us.
  • You will need to submit all necessary information and documentation in order for us to process your damage claim.
  • The same applies to your compensation claim.You are obligated to inform us if there is another insurance policy which applies to the same damages.


The excess is the part of the damage cost which you will need to pay when you have incurred damages. The basic excess is the most common amount and is the amount you will normally pay, but it can also be higher; for example, in the event of water damage or if you need to use your legal cover.


  • Försäkringar

    An agreement between you and an insurance company. You pay a fee in exchange for the insurance company providing financial compensation if you have an accident. Different insurance policies cover different types of accidents.

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  • Försäkringar

    All persons who are registered in Sweden receive a personal identity number as a means of identification. If you have received a personal identity number, you retain the same number for life. This means that the number does not change if, for example, you move abroad.

    The Swedish Tax Agency issues personal identity numbers. In order to be registered and receive a Swedish personal identity number, you must inform the Swedish Tax Agency that you wish to live in Sweden.

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  • Försäkringar

    General registration of Sweden's population. The population register contains information about who lives in Sweden and where they live.

    Many rights and responsibilities which you have depend on whether you are registered and where you are registered, such as the right to child allowance and housing allowance and where to pay your taxes and vote. The population register also contains other personal data such as civil status and information on children.

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  • Försäkringar

    When one or more persons injure another with intent. To assault someone is to harm them. A person who has subjected another to bodily harm, illness or pain is said to have committed assault.

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  • Försäkringar

    If you have incurred damages as a result of the acts of someone other than yourself, you may have the right to claim for damages. The idea of a damage claim is that a person who has incurred damages as a result of another person's carelessness or negligence shall in principle have their situation restored to what it was before the damage occurred.

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  • Försäkringar

    Theft is a crime. Theft is when someone takes something belonging to someone else without permission, in order to have it themselves or give or sell it to a third party. Theft may, if the offence is minor (of a not very high value), be called petty theft. If someone steals something from you, you should report the incident to the police.

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  • Försäkringar

    A disagreement between two parties. An example of a dispute is when a buyer and a seller do not agree on something.

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  • Försäkringar

    When one or more persons injure another with intent. To assault someone is to harm them. A person who has subjected another to bodily harm, illness or pain is said to have committed assault.

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